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Some may ask how it is possible to get the results we get?

How do we make sure that your skin is improved and actually treated while you have a relaxing, stress-free soothing experience?


The components of our service which make all this possible are:
  • professional, ethical staff
  • wealth of knowledge
  • established facial skin rejuvenation protocols
  • highly active, potent skin care products
  • the most advanced modern cosmeceutical techniques
  • the latest state of the art aesthetic equipment
  • every single treatment offered is clinically tried and proven to work

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Compare Melbourne Facials treatments

Determining the right procedure for you depends on the specific goals of therapy, origin of the problem and how long it's been present, downtime and your budget.


Treatments Best for Duration Cost Specials
Clinical AntiAging Facials Improve minor skin concerns and maintain a fresh, youthful look as you age 30 min from $125ea from $99ea
Eye and Lip Treatment To hydrate and plump the eye contours, reducing the appearance of fine lines;
Hydrate & plump the lip contours
45 min from $125ea from $99ea
Micro-dermabrasion Stimulating the production of fresh new skin cells and collagen 60 min $159ea $129
Medi-Peel Deep exfoliation of dead skin cells, speed up cellular renewal rate 30 min $199ea $179
Skeyndor MesoScience Skeyndor Corrective
Deep wrinkles and expression lines filling effect
60 min $250ea  
Skeyndor Eternal
Removes damaged skin cells are replaces by fresh, clean, healthy plant stem cells
60 min $250ea  
Restores skin firmness
60 min $199ea $179
Boosts and tightens slackened facial contours
IPL Facial Rejuvenation
(Photo Facials)
Fine lines, collagen building 45 min $250ea $199
Skin Needling Improves wrinkles and fine lines, reduce crows feet, lip lines, forehead lines and frown lines 60 min $399ea $300
Mesotherapy Infuse the dermis layer with a nourishing cocktail of essential beauty elements to restore skin's youthful glow 45 min $300  
Cosmetic Injections Cosmetic Anti-Wrinkle Injection and Alternative Injection treatments for common lines and wrinkles 15 min $16 per unit buy 100 units for $1080
Dermal Fillers Injection treatments for creases, folds, nasolabial groove and facial hollowing.

Skin hydration filler | Gel based dermal filler - smooth out wrinkles, enhance facial contours and lip line

Restore facial volume and enhance cheeks and chin

Radiesse - calcium-based microspheres - longer lasting result than the HA temporary fillers - for enhance contours of the face or reshape nose, cheeks, chin or jaw line

Permanent implant filler - perfects the way you look by contouring the face, adding extra volume where desired, like your lips, or restoring lost volume to your face

30 min $650 -$1400  
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Using your own enriched plasma in efficiently creating a network of collagen results in plumping the skin and reverse the visible signs of aging 60 min NA  

Treatments Best for Duration Cost Specials
Clinical AntiOxidant Infusion Facials Improve facial skin redness, blemishes and pigmentation 30 min from $125ea from $99ea
Extraction Facials
Man Facials
Promote clear, well-hydrated skin 60 min $159ea $129
Teens Facial Hydrate and balance teenage skin 60 min $159ea $129
Micro-dermabrasion Removes dead cells, dull
Improve texture, uneven skin tones and pigmentation
45 min $159ea $129
Medi-Peel Deep exfoliation of dead skin cells, improve various skin conditions including freckles, age spots, or dark patches 30 min $199ea $179
Skeyndor MesoScience Skeyndor Eternal
Removes damaged skin cells are replaces by fresh, clean, healthy plant stem cells
60 min $250ea  
Improves the tone and quality of the skin
$199 $179
Skin Needling Improve appearance of acne scars & and chicken pox scars 60 min $399ea $250
IPL Facial Rejuvenation
(Photo Facials)
Improvement of skin's texture and color, collagen building 45 min $250ea $199

Treatments Best for Duration Cost Spcaial
Clinical Hydration  Facials Improve minor skin concerns and maintain a fresh feel 30 min from $125ea from $99ea
Deep cleanse Facials |
Man Facials |
Blackheads Removal
Control blemishes turning into ugly inflamed "zits" 60 min $159ea $129
Teen Acne Facial Calms redness and control production of oil 60 min $159ea $129
Micro-dermabrasion Improving the appearance of scarring
Treat blackheads and whiteheads
60 min $159ea $129
Medi-Peel Deep exfoliation of dead skin cells, speed up cellular renewal rate 30 min $199ea $179
Skin Needling Helps with Rosacea, minimizes pore size 60 min $399ea $300
Skeyndor MesoScience Skeyndor Eternal
Removes damaged skin cells are replaces by fresh, clean, healthy plant stem cells
60 min $250ea  
Lighten acne scars
$199ea $179
IPL Facial Rejuvenation
(Photo Facials)
Improvement of skin's texture and color, collagen building 45 min $250ea $199
IPL - PDT Any type of acne and for general skin rejuvenation effects.
Kills acne bacteria, boost for collagen
60 min $250ea  
Dermal Fillers Injection treatments for creases, folds, acne scars and facial hollowing, lips augmentation 30 min $650 -$1400  

Treatments Best for Duration Cost Special
IPL Facial Hair Removal

Progressive permanent reduction of unwanted hair (including hormonal hair) on almost any part of body and face including lip and chin

30 min $250ea $199ea

Facials and facial cosmetic treatments usually involve several steps:
cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, massage, mask etc

Melbourne Facial Beauty  facial treatments begin with a detailed hair and skin analysis, where we look at your skin through a brightly lit magnifying lamp to assess your skin's type and condition. We also ask you a number of questions concerning your skin, its condition and type and going together through Initial Consultation Form.

 That is the time for you to ask questions, tell us about any concerns and/or allergies, any discomforts you might have experienced in the past or may be experiencing now.

As a result of the analysis and consultation specific treatments and products customized for your skin type and condition would be recommended.

Advanced para-medical facial treatments are aimed to achieve a certain effect on the skin with a specific goal to resolve a certain skin condition.


By visiting Melbourne Facial Beauty YOU CAN

Facial treatments Melbourne
  • Improve your skin's texture and color
  • Soften fine lines & wrinkles
  • Stimulate synthesis of collagen and elastin
  • Refine and minimize enlarged/open pores
  • Decongest your skin
  • Lighten up sun spots and age spots
  • Improve blemishes and spots
  • Refresh tired & dull looking skin

And that all while you relax and unwind

Facial Treatment Options for
Skin Problems & Excessive Hair Growth

  • IPL Photo Facial - Most patients want a safe, easy and quick way to get rid of their red skin complexion, fine wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and large pores. Fortunately, our advanced technologies enable us to treat these skin imperfections safely, easily and effectively
  • IPL hair Removal - The IPL flashlamp emits an invisible light which penetrates the skin. It is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. The light generates heat which damages hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue. Book 20 min FREE Laser Consultation today
  • MediPeel - Exfoliating, stimulating treatment that can help get rid of dead skin cells and stimulate renewal rate of your skin's cells. MediPeel facials may involve a combination or one of the following ingredients: Fruit Enzymes, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) - Glycolic Peel, BHA, Chirally corrected Vitamin A (or Retin-A) or Antioxidant Vitamin treatment, Face Pumpkin peel and Mango peel
  • IPL Photodynamic therapy (PDT) - Dries up sebaceous glands and damages or kills bacteria in your skin. Provides long term improvement of inflammatory or cystic (not comedonal) acne. Helps regulate the synthesis of collagen causing significant improvements in scars, wrinkles and textural abnormalities
  • Skeyndor MesoScience Virtual Mesotherapy - Combines four advanced techniques to enable the actives in the products of to be delivered straight to skin's cells. Directs the ingredients towards the effected area on the face, without the need for injections and manages to transport both ionisable and neutral substances for complete facial revitalisation.
  • Budget Facials - Contain powerful ingredients in a pure, stable form. With the added advantage of unique Cellular Delivery System, these are the Best clinical facials under $100 in Melbourne that you can find!


  • No sun exposure 4-6wks before and after IPL treatments.
  • No sun exposure post peels for 2 weeks.
  • Extreme caution needed to avoid sunlight (in fact all light) for 24hrs post PDT, after 24hrs IPL's sun restrictions apply.
  • High SPF sun block and sun avoidance is suggested after all treatments.


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