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Most people interested in regaining youthful  skin and reducing wrinkles ask two basic questions:

(1) Is it really possible to get noticeable results without huge expenses and invasive procedures? and

(2) If indeed wrinkles can be effectively and affordably prevented or reversed, how can one make sense out of the flood of biased commercial skin care advertisements and find out what really works and how to use it.

Melbourne Facials' brief answers these questions:

(1) some signs of skin aging, including premature or tired wrinkles, can be safely reversed to a reasonable degree, and

(2) the best sources of information about the benefits, risks and usage of anti-wrinkle creams and other skin care products or procedures are research studies. We at Melbourne Facials have done a lot research and testing before introducing new products and treatments to our valuable clients.


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Unfortunately, majority of people do not have time or desire to find, read and analyse research articles from reputable specialized biomedical journals. These people cannot assess unbiased, up-to-date information about treatments for wrinkles and skin aging and as a result, they often fall prey to unscrupulous commercial advertisements and end up spending a fortune on useless or even harmful wrinkle creams and other skin care products.

Melbourne Facials found that only a small fraction of al anti-aging treatments and advertised skin care products contain ingredients that are at least potentially useful for skin rejuvenation and renewal.

Some of the ingredients in skin care and cosmetics may even be harmful to your sin, not just to your wallet. Some treatments claims are not substantiated by the results and can result in excessive inflammation. And, as we know inflammation means ageing for your skin.

Most consumers have no idea about how much money they're wasting by purchasing useless products and not getting optimal outcome. Even when they find the right product for their skin type, people often misuse it due to a lack of education on proper usage and/or storage. (For instance, this is often the case for vitamin C-based products as well as most Retinol products).

The truth is, that for most people, the best results can be achieved with a few low cost youth-maintenance techniques and one or two wisely selected products.

There is no need for a "long line" of expensive skin care items in your bathroom cabinet or on your credit card bill. There is no need for a multi step skin care regime either - nobody has time for it these days, let alone money.

Melbourne Facials goal is to help you make an informed, intelligent choice in your skin care and skin treatments and take as many years off your face as nature and modern science allow.

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