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The beauty problem

How often do we spend loads of our hard earned cash on skin care products.
Often however, the main beneficiaries are skin care product manufacturers, and not our skin.

Does skin care you buy really rejuvenate your skin?
Does it actually create visible changes in your skin? Or is it a waste? A daily camouflage that you take off in the evening?

Can some skin care items be harmful to your skin?
Can they bring on breakouts and excessive hair growth?

Melbourne Facials can help you make an informed, intelligent choice and give valuable professional advice on many questions related to your skin.

Only at Facial Beauty in Melbourne.

Melbourne Facial mission is an information portal for Melbourne's intelligent consumers.
It's been born to Chadstone Wellness Clinic and our goal is to help you work out the smartest possible strategy for your personal facial skin care and facial rejuvenation treatments, using the most advanced techniques combined with the highest quality natural formulations.

We digest and process many sources of information, mainly clinical trials and skin rejuvenation studies conducted by us and other clinics, white papers published in peer reviewed biomedical journals and our clients experiences.

Here are just some of the things we help you find out:

  • What truly works in the world of facial skin care - and what is just a waste of time and money. Melbourne Facials categorise all facial treatments based on skin problems and procedures\products to treat these problems.
  • What the benefits and dangers are of various facials skin treatments and procedures. Melbourne Facials even includes time/money spent details in order for you to chose the most effective treatment.
  • How to make smart, educated facial skin care and treatments choices. How to dramatically reduce you skin care expenses. Compare your options and tailor your treatment plan to your skin type and your budget.
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