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Clear Acne AND Acne Scarring


Acne Summary

Acne affects people of all ages and it has become one of the most common skin complaints in Australia and Melbourne! Acne can bring distress and embarrassment and lower your self-esteem. However, there is a number of safe, effective, quick treatments that can help you deal with the problem.

Determining the right procedure for you depends on the specific goals of therapy, ability for downtime and budget. Uncover most acne myths


Treatment Schedule Down Time Cost Special Price
IPL 2-6 sessions
every 2-4 weeks
20min - 2days $250ea $250ea
PDT 2-3 sessions fortnightly 5-7 days;
avoid sunlight 24hrs post
$300ea $300ea
Skeyndor MesoAcne 2-6 sessions
-- $199ea $179ea
Medi Peel 1-4 sessions
every 2-4 weeks
None to 3 wks for deep peels $199ea $179ea
Teens Acne Facial
Deep Cleanse Extraction Facial
Men's Facial
3-4 sessions
with 1 session a month
None $159ea $129ea
Dermal Filler 1 injection
every 9 - 24 months
-- from $550ea
Home Care

Appropriate cleanser, day & night products needed.
Enquiry about Medik8 for skin acne dry and acne oily skin

Skin Needling 2-3 sessions 6 weeks apart 24-48 hrs $399 ea $300ea
Home Skin needling

3 times a week
3 to 5 minutes

-- $99 /6mnth

What is Acne?

Before Melbourne Facials attempt to discuss the various aspects of acne and available treatments for this annoying skin condition, we need to first understand exactly what acne is and its underlying causes.

A normal hair follicle usually expels lubricating (and protective) oils to the surface of the skin. However, when acne is present oil gets trapped under the skin and this creates an ideal situation for bacteria to start to develop in the site. Bacterium then produces infection on the skin and the inflammatory reaction to it is called acne.

Acne is generally categorized into inflammatory and non inflammatory acne.

In non-inflammatory acne the bacteria and oil get trapped within the skin and usually show up as small white spots (called whiteheads or closed comedones). Whiteheads can be so small that may not even be visible to the naked eye.

acne skin

In inflammatory acne, papules develop as a result of a break in the inner follicular wall. Once the blood fills the papules it’s only a matter of time before the papules (or pimple/zit) develop into pustules. In either case there is an inflammation of the skin. Inflammatory acne is more common and is seen in teenagers that have started puberty. Inflammatory acne is more widely spread and common than non-inflammatory acne.

Acne can be mild or severe.

Acne scars, which appear post acne (especially inflammatory acne) represent a very common and troublesome complaint. They are more common and visible on darker skin types. Acne scarring can be may be flat, raised or depressed. These acne marks can also be dark or red or less commonly white in color.

Inflammatory acne and non-inflammatory acne require different type of treatment. Depending on your skin type, personal concerns and condition of the skin, the appropriate type of treatment or combination of different treatments will be customized to meet your needs and effectively deal with your concerns.

Melbourne Facials Acne Treatment Options

Treatment may include light or electro therapy, dermal fillers, peels, clinical acne clearing facial etc.

  • PDT - Photodynamic Therapy is a light activated treatment that selectively treats problem areas. Photodynamic therapy accompanies by an application of a photosensitizing agent, 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA). Continue here...
  • IPL - Intense Pulsed Light is a non invasive technique which reaches the damaged areas without affecting healthy cells. IPL brings everything up to the surface, dries up the sebaceous glands, stimulates collagen in the skin which can decrease the depth of the scars and reduces the scars’ color. Continue here...
  • Medi Peel - Also referred to as Medi Facials or Chemical Peels, they work on restoring the smooth contour of your skin by speeding up skin’s cellular renewal rate. There are superficial skin peels eg Glycolic peel, Pumpkin peel, Mango peel and deep skin peels Cosmedix timeless and benefit peel. The amount of shedding you get depends on depth of the peel. Some peels require you to prepare your skin for up to three week prior to treatment in order to get better results and less down time. New cell growth is encouraged and as a response to inflammation caused the skin’s natural building materials are stimulated. Continue here...
  • Meso Acne - Based on 2003 Noble Prize winning works of Dr Praunist this remarkable virtual needle mesotherapy allows us to target fat cells directly and deliver highly active natural ingredients to achieve extraordinary results. One of the most effective treatments available on the market today is now available here. Quick and easy treatments for clearing acne with the use of highly potent natural ingredients with no downtime. Continue here...
  • Dermal fillers are used underneath the scars to give them additional support and improve their appearance. Continue here...

Other Acne Treatments

  • Lotions - to reduce oil production
  • Vitamin C and A - to rebuild the skin.
  • Medications - to fight sebum and bacteria
  • Light treatments to reduce bacteria in the skin and improve healing

NOTE: No sun exposure 4-6wks before and after IPL treatments. No sun exposure post peels for 2 weeks. Extreme caution needed to avoid sunlight (in fact all light) for 24hrs post PDT, after 24hrs IPL’s sun restrictions apply. High SPF sun block and sun avoidance is suggested after all treatments.

Prevent Acne Tricks from Melbourne Facial

Few simple techniques as a part of your daily routine

  1. Don’t pick, press or rub your pimples or white heads. This can increase sebum production and rupture the area below your skin. The infection and sebum can then spread causing more pimples and more grief, not to mention the possibility of scarring

  2. acne tips

  3. Wash twice daily, using a special cleanser that is suitable for your skin’s condition. Use wet gauze with your cleanser to gently rub in circular motions to exfoliate your skin. This step will eliminate the need for an extra product (exfoliant or scrub) cutting your costs. Because you will throw gauze away after every wash you will get the most hygienic cleanse. Do not use loofahs, sponges, or brushes on your face. Besides irritating your skin they’re also good at holding on to bacteria and leftovers of makeup. Avoid over-washing your face- it will actually stimulate your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum increasing your acne
  4. Certain foods have been found to be contributors to this annoying condition. For many people, food allergies or food intolerances can cause very serious acne-like condition. Watch your food intake, note what triggers acne in your diet, and avoid those items. Studies have shown that acne may also be caused by milk which contains hormones as well as seafood with relatively high levels of iodine. Other foods that have shown allergy - prone acne symptoms are: sugar, dairy products, deep-fried food, meat, nuts and nut butters, coffee and or chocolate. Alternatively, green vegetables, vegetable juices and foods rich in zinc help alleviate acne condition and keep your metabolism running strong
  5. Drink more water every day. Since our bodies are mainly made up of water, it is easy to flush out toxins by drinking lots of water. It also helps heal and prevent acne flare-ups, as well as keep your skin well hydrated and glowing
  6. Avoid an overindulgence of makeup. Makeup products may clog pores, causing more blackheads and pimples. If you have to wear makeup, make sure it’s mineral based makeup or mineral foundation. But remember there are minerals and there are minerals! Many lines market foundations to help people with sensitive, and acne prone skin. Also, don’t forget to cleanse your makeup brushes on regular basis
  7. If you are prone to acne it’s best that you avoid oily, thick or greasy skin care products. Products such as hair pomade, intense oil-based facial moisturizers, and oily cleansers may contribute to your break-outs
  8. Avoid touching your face excessively. Keep your hair lean and off your face to avoid external sources that can contribute to acne
  9. Exercising can keep your metabolism pumping and sweat out excess toxins
  10. Practice serenity - stay stress-free. Studies show that stress may worsen acne flare-ups, in addition to your overall outlook on life. There are many things you can do to be stress free including self-development, meditation, long walks, heart-to-heart chats with those close to you
  11. Get outside. Sunshine stimulates vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D is needed for healthy skin. Fresh air and sunshine can also help reduce stress and increase oxygen to the skin
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