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Dermal roller treatments are known to boost your skin’s renewal process, making it look younger and smoother.

However, you can take your home roller much further in terms of the new collagen and elastin synthesis! The enhancement comes in the form of little miracle serums from Medik8.

There is a miracle bottle available for most conditions. Sometimes you might want to combine a couple of bottles to give you an even greater and faster results


skin needling serums


Condition How serum works What to buy
Wrinkle Removal Treats facial wrinkles & lines. Increases blood flow & Stimulates fibroblast cells • C-Tetra (12%) or CE-Tetra (28%)
• Retinol 3TR serum
• EGF Serum
• Firewall Serum
Wrinkle Eye Removal Treats sensitive areas under the eyes & above the lip line • C-Tetra (12%) or CE-Tetra (28%)
Retinol Eye serum
Sagging Skin Lifts, firms & nourishes skin, instant facelift effect • C-Tetra (12%) or CE-Tetra (28%)
• Retinol 3TR serum
• EGF serum
Scar Removal Lightens up & reduces scars appearance, particularly pitted scars from acne, chicken pox & other injuries by softening scar tissue & relieving the strain of it • C-Tetra (12%) or CE-Tetra (28%)
• Retinol 3TR serum
• Retinol 40 boost
• EGF serum
Stretch Mark Removal Breaks down fibrous tissue in the scar. Increases collagen and elastin synthesis & healthy cellular regeneration • C-Tetra (12%) or CE-Tetra (28%)
• Retinol 3TR serum
• Retinol 40 boost
• EGF serum
Open Pores Reduction Reduces oil secretion & tightens enlarged/open pores. Increase cellular regeneration PoreCleanse gel
Red Alert serum
• Hydra8B5 serum
Pigmentation Enhances the "sleepiness" of pigment producing cells. Regenerates healthy cells • C-Tetra (12%) or CE-Tetra (28%)
• White Balance
Redness & rosacea Stimulates healing of the inner epidermis. Prevents future irritation. Anti-inflammatory effects. Removes skin itching, irritation & burning sensations Red Alert serum
• Hydra8B5 serum
• EGF serum

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About home dermal rollers

  • Use a 0.2 mm version of the professional roller. Thin, delicate, pain sensitive or heavily pigmented skins need to start once a week and slowly build up
  • Use a 0.3mm version if your skin is comparatively thick and resistant to pain or if you've used one before. This roller will provide a more spectacular result and is the next step after the 0.2mm
  • Build up skin tolerance to skin needling by allowing 3 day intervals between treatments for a minimum of 2 weeks. When your skin adjusts, gradually increase frequency of use Do not use more than once a day. If used more than once a day your roller may cause more inflammation & damage than is aimed for

What results can I expect?

  • Visible signs of skin rejuvenation are seen just 6-8 weeks after treatment and continue to improve for up to a year with consistent use
  • A course of three Medik8 skin needling sessions, at approx 8 week intervals, is usually recommended to achieve optimum results; however you will notice great improvement after just one treatment.

How will I look immediately after the treatment?

  • After the clinical procedure performed by your trained therapist, your skin will be red and flushed in appearance (similar to a moderate sunburn). This subsides within a day or two. You will experience mild tightness and mild sensitivity to touch for up to a week.
  • You can get a helper or two (healing serum/healing make up) to ensure the recovery is faster.
  •  The length of downtime depends on the micro needle size used for your treatment. You will be informed of your predicted post-treatment appearance during the consultation. Home rollers generally do not cause such reactions
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