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Skin healing make up


Have you heard of the new make up which also helps heal your skin? That's right! It doesn't stain or irritate or clog your skin - it heals it!

Made especially for American & European surgeons to accelerate the skin's healing process this unique "healing make up" is now available to you! I have to say I felt lucky to find this incredible product and to be able to get it into the clinic. It's proven invaluable post procedures such as laser, chemical peels, skin needling and injections.

You can now try it FREE after your skin needling or injectable procedure with us. You will see that it doesn’t just cover up pimples, bruising and redness, it speeds up your skin's healing process!!

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lycogel healing makeup

So, what is this mysterious healing gel-make up? The Lycogel is an American product by Dermacia Inc. Before releasing the product to medical practitioners the company did a huge amount of testing with patients suffering from acne burns & marks from reconstructive surgery and once all the users reported excellent results, the company launched the product.

Essentially, Lycogel is a range of breathable camouflage foundations that provide exceptional coverage as well as real therapeutic benefits. The makeup conceals post procedural bruises and redness as well as conditions such as eczema, acne & rosacea, so it's ideal for those with sensitive or problematic skin.

Lycogel Active Ingredients

  • Patients who suffer from skin problems that are difficult to disguise with normal makeup love the Lycogel. It effectively coverage due to its triple silica gel technology that forms a unique “breathable” matrix over your skin cells. The chemical structure of the matrix ensures Lycogel stays in place because it is attracted to the surface of the skin. The matrix also provides a perfect base to suspend fine particles such as colour pigments or sunscreen. Under magnification, the matrix in Lycogel appears as a breathable meshwork that allows air, moisture and ingredients to reach the skin.
  • Unlike other makeup that use oil or minerals, Lycogel contains a carefully balanced set of clinically proven, bio-active ingredients that work together like a dream to improve the skin. The primary component of it is Biodyne TRF - tissue respiratory factors, known for naturally increasing the oxygen concentration to the skin.
  • Breathable triple-silica gel base
  • Live yeast cell derivative which helps deliver more oxygen to damaged cells thus helping accelerate healing and recovery with small wounds and scars
  • Other ingredients include Skinasensyl, Epicalmin, Phytocelltec, Bois II and Olive leaf extract

Ensure you book your FREE trial after your skin needling or anti aging injection service with us!

The healing makeup is available in 10 shades from ivory to honey, from crème to ebony


Lycogel Cost

lycogel shades

Lycogel Camouflage and Concealer availables to buy from Melbourne Facial Clinic.

If you know the shade that suits your skin colour, you can also order over the phone.

Lycogel can be pick up from our clinic or will be delivered to your address at no extra cost when 2 products purchased

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Lycogel Cover & recovery regular price: $99

Today Special: $97.5 per flacon when you purchase two, + FREE postage



3 major differences between the Regular Camouflage Make up & Lycogel

  1. Most regular camouflage make up ranges contain cream & oils & alcohol based preservatives that decrease the amount of oxygen sent to the skin and often cause skin irritations and pore blockages. The lycogel on another hand is a breathable gel based product which increases the flow of oxygen to skin.
  2. Most regular camouflage makeup ranges simply cake up on the skin, staining it and sitting on to of skin as a heavy covering layer to provide flawless coverage which lasts of course but suffocates skin in the process. Lycogel ™ gives the necessary coverage and also allows your skin to breathe.
  3. Lycogel is more than just excellent makeup. It is a treatment and skin's immunity system booster. Additionally, it acts as a confidence booster to those who have been embarrassed by their scars, acne marks and blemishes.
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