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Major functions of skin care creams and serums are in supporting and maintaining healthy skin tissue, nourishing the cells, promote skin’s repair mechanisms and ensuring skin’s immunity and preventing free radicals damage.

With facial skin being the most visible part which is exposed to the environmental pollution and the radiation from the sun, the popularity of skin care creams grows with niche products being introduced in the market to meet new skin care concerns and issues.

There are many different types of skin care creams available in the market. Many of them serve different purposes. The ingredients in the skin creams are what make the difference.


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Most typical creams are

skin cream

Learning more about the cream and serum ingredients is the key factor to finding the right product for your skin condition.

The best natural skin care cream should contain a number of

  • Vitamins

    Vitamin C - increases the collagen synthesis in the skin. Vitamin C is also the most powerful lightening and brightening ingredient and is often prescribed for pigmentation issues. It freshens the skin and increases its luminosity.

    Retin-A (Vitamin A or Retinol) - stimulate collagen production in the skin, increases the thickness of the middle layer of the skin and skin-cell turnover, and the flow of blood to your skin. Vitamin A is also stimulates natural repair mechanism of the skin.

  • Antioxidants

    Antioxidants in the skin care creams may include one or more of the following alpha lipoid acid, vitamin E, tocotrienols, coenzyme-Q10, grape seed extract, kinerase, and kinetin.  Antioxidants protect and reduce skin damage from oxygen radicals

  • Plant extracts
  • Plant oils like olive, jojoba and grape seed
  • Honey
  • Hydroxy acid formulas

    Skin creams that contain one of the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), or poly hydroxy acids (PHAs) offer exfoliation and moisturizing benefits

  • Peptides
    Small pieces of collagen that can penetrate skin and reach the dermis, the layer where collagen is actually produced

Some simple rules to choose skin care creams

  • Dry skin benefit from the moisture-preserving Vitamin C creams.
  • Oily skin take advantage retinol and glycolic acid creams, which have a beneficial exfoliating and acne-preventing effect.
  • Everyone should wear a good sunscreen daily or get SP15 containing creams

A number of skin creams have been proven to help keep your skin looking younger and fresher.

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