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Experts agree that Circut Cosmeceuticals, formulated with advanced Chiral Technology. It means that products contain only the side of the molecules with the ability to give the desired results on a cellular level. Fresh ingredients deliver nutrients deep into the cell's structure. Nutrients that skin not only recognised but most importantly used. Just as you cannot put your right hand into a left glove, your body will not accept a left handed compound to do the job a right handed one is supposed to do, and vise versa.


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All Sircuit formulas are specifically designed to help maintain skin's all important moisture balance - pH balance, resulting in maximum skin protection and more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Sircuit Cosmeceuticals is great for all skin types. Sircuit addresses specific skin condition more than just skin types. Sircuit products formulated to adjust to your body's changes by maintaining its proper moisture levels and pH balance, working with body ... not against it.

Sircuit formulation contain :

  • NO Chemical parabens and preservatives
  • NO Fillers
  • FREE from artificial colours
  • FREE from synthetic fragrances
  • Cruelty FREE


Sircuit top philosophy - "healthy for skin ... and good for your soul!"

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Key elements

  • Spin Trap - not ordinary antioxidants. Not simply destroying rogue oxygen free radicals, Spin Trap captures them and plugs them back into their intended goal of tissue respiration. 

    SircuitŪSkin’s DREAM WEAVER, MOLECULAR MIST, SIRCUIT ADDICT SERUM and I CEE U are formulated with Spin Trap

  • Heavy Water / Chiral Water is 10% heavier than regualar water. It hydrates and plump cells as well as evaporates slower so it enhances skin hydration. Heavy Water additionally reduces free radical stress, inactivates certain acne bacteria and protects and preserves skin tissue.

SircuitŪSkin’s MOLECULAR MIST and SIRCUIT ADDICT contain Heavy Water

  • Vitamin C (Chirally Correct L-Ascorbic Acid) help spare the skin from oxidative stress and increases collagen production. Sircuit compound composed of advanced L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Resveratrol and Polydatin (powerful grape Phytoalexins found in red wine) restores skin tone and vitality.

    SircuitŪSkin’s SIRCUIT WEAPON SERUM is host to the Phyto-Alexin-C compound

  • Aminoguanidine prevents the build-up of advanced glycation end products from attachhing to the collagen fibrils in the skin hence making skin soft and supple.

     SircuitŪSkin’s DREAM WEAVER, SIRCUIT ADDICT and I CEE U boast Aminoguanidine

  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). As we age, communication between various layers of skin is slow down due to a decrease in growth factor receptors. EGF is a protein that works to heal and repair the stratum corneum through direct stimulation and proliferation of growth receptors.


  • Zeolites. Crystalline hydrated silicates from volcanoes came from eastern Russia. There molecular cages have the ability to trap and remove heavy metal pollutants and biological debris. They draw impurities from skin pores and when full, break apart and dissipate when washed away.

    SircuitŪSkin’s X-TRAP and SIR ACTIVE

  • Hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps the skin with moisture. Assists skin in maintaining proper moisture levels, re-enegise cellular renewal and fighting free redical damage.  The HA  additionally invigorates the skin’s natural regeneration process for significantly improved appearance.


  • Acetyl Hexapeptide is a synthesized peptide that displays excellent anti-wrinkle results by relaxing skin tissue where wrinkles form. Testing has shown that it reduces the severity of wrinkles around the eyes up to 17% faster after 15 days of treatment, and up to 27% faster after 30 days.

    SircuitŪSkin’s SECRET SAUCE


All products from the Surcuit range are available for you to purchase though telephone or email order or by popping in to our Melbourne Facials Clinic. Below are a few recommendations of the products. If what you use is not on this page simply drop us a line or call us and we'll have it ready for you within a day or two.

  • X-trap - Daily gentle face wash

    Suitable for all skin types, all natural "Heavy Water" complex will plump and hydrate your skin, while proecting against dryness and dehydration. Great against acne bacteria.

  • Sir-Activ - Zeolite purifying scrub

    Invigorating soothing scrub that adds vitality to dull, dry skin and lifeless skin. Zeolites neutrlise free radicals while Cranberry extract helps to purify. Make it a part of daily routine and see a difference.

  • Youth Accelerator - Pumpkin pore refiner mask

    Dissolve unwanted debris and dead skin cells. Pumpkin is extremely rich in Vitamin A, as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals.

  • Fixzit - Anti-bacterial blemish eliminator

    Helps to dry and clear blemishes. Anti-bacterial and fortified with a potent form of Vitamin A.

  • Day Care - Protective Day Moisturiser

    Multi-active day moisturiser, which combines natural sun protection and major antioxidant properties formulated to prevent damage from the sun. Replenish the skin's moisture balance, great guard against free radicals and environmental abuse.

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