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Having glowing, healthy skin, feels good. As we begin to age the cell renewal process slows down and skin becomes drier.

Most Lotions are formulated to smooth and soften the skin by maintaining its elasticity and to prevent premature skin ageing and also nourishing the skin with necessary vitamins. Skin lotions are usually applied to facial skin with bare hands, a clean cloth, cotton wool or gauze.

Skin Cleansers are an excellent products to begin skincare regimen. Most cleansers contain oil, water & surfactants. The oil dissolves oil on your face, surfactants dissolve dirt and makeup and the water washes it all away.


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Choosing skin cleansers for combination skin can be frustrating because dealing with dryness on the cheeks and oil in the T-zone area, which includes the forehead, nose and chin.

When you are looking for a quality lotions or cleansers look for ingredients derived from plants and vegetables. Quality Lotions contain nourishing oils and butters such as skin cleanses

  • Shea Butter:  natural moisturising product. Natural Shea Butter has a high amount of Vitamins A and E which helping in skin damage repairs. Also Shea Butter is good in protection your skin from the sun’s UV rays and is known for softening and healing cracked and aged skin. It also provides some relief to itchy skin. On a  label Shea butter can be substituted by Butyrospermum Parkii name.
  • Cocoa Butter: lotion ingredient used to soften the skin and  minimise dryness. Cocoa Butter is made during the manufacture of cocoa and chocolate. It is known to help prevent and minimize stretch marks, protect dry, chapped skin, treat skin irritations, help erase wrinkles on neck, around eyes and mouth and adds a firming agent to skin care products. On a  label Cocoa Butter is Theobroma Cacao.
  • Additions: Jojoba (pronounced Ho Ho Ba), Olive, Grapeseed, Avocado and Sweet Almond Oils. Jojoba Oil is especially good for mature skin, while Grapeseed Oil is often recommended for acne and oily skin. Avocado Oil penetrates the skin easily and Sweet Almond Oil is suitable for most skin types.
  • Other ingredients:

    Emulsifying Wax: used as a thickening agent, helps bind the oil and water together. Emulsifying Wax can be plant or petroleum based. No doubt vegetable based Emulsifying Wax is better for your skin long term. On the Label Emulsifying Wax is Emulsifying Wax NF or Cetearyl Alcohol & Ceteareth 20.

    Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE): Acts as a natural antioxidant, a natural preservative that reduces the rate of oxidation in oils that oxidize quickly and extends the shelf life of your lotion. On a label ROE is Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract.

    Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils: Essential Oils are extracted from flowers and herbs and are natural; however, there are some that should not be used on the skin (e.g. clove oil). Also, some essential oils should be avoided while in the sun and if you are pregnant. For some people, fragrance or essential oils may cause skin irritations. We believe fragrance is absolutely unnecessary in your skincare products.

Now Melbourne Facial Beauty stressing again.

Dedicate time and care while choosing your skin care products. Know your skin type and select the products accordingly.

Never buy a cheaper product because it is cheaper. It can actually cost you a fortune in future.

And the last not the least you always go through the list of ingredients on the cosmetic's label and packing.

Melbourne Facials recommends

CosMedix Benefit Clean
Cost: Our price $49.00 RRP $55.00

GENTLE CLEANSER. Give your face the benefit of a fresh start each day with CosMedix Benefit Clean.

Enhanced with shea butter to calm and protect the skin, Benefit Clean tenderly washes away even stubborn waterproof makeup.

This gentle cleansing lotion is suitable for all skin types (sensitive/hypersensitive skin, post-operative/post-peel care).

Removes environmental pollutants, removes face and eye makeup, sodium lauryl sulfate free, irritation free.


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