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Skin is the first body part to show age. While age-related changes are inevitable, they are not universally embraced. A desire for younger looking skin can be satisfied with healthy lifestyle choices and good skin care.

There are four categories of skin age to enable you to identify the biological age of your skin, so that you can select the products most suited to your needs.


skin ageing diagram

20s - 30s

  20s 30s
SKIN PROCESSES  & APPEARANCE In 20s hormones finally calm down, skin cells regenerate themselves properly, the skin’s microcirculation proceeds without interruptions and the collagen and elastin fibres are in a nearly untouched condition.

The skin is smooth and without visible lines and wrinkles.

After the 30th year of life, skin cells slowly lose their self-regenerating ability, microcirculation slows down and the first fine lines and mimic wrinkles appear on face and neck. The cutaneous layer of the epidermis thickens , because its cells (keratinocytes) are not being replaced as quickly as before.

This results in the skin becoming dryer, with less vitality and youthful glow and with more uneven texture.

WHAT YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM  For these reasons, majority of 20-year-olds do not require intensive anti-wrinkle treatments, which stimulate the collagen and elastin synthesis (e.g. retinol products). However, undertaking preventative measures to protect the skin from premature skin ageing may be advantageous.

Protecting the skin from UV-induced and free-radical damage is the first step to maintaining the health of 20‑year-old skin.

During the 20s sebaceous glands are largely in proper function and dry skin is very uncommon, light, non-comodogenic moisturisers with SPF would be the best recommendation

This may be a good time to incorporate some wrinkle diminishing treatments such as retinol and vitamin C as well as exfoliate the skin regularly to improve the skin tones and roughness.

More than everything however, sunscreens and antioxidants should be the basis of any skin care regime in this age group Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin – sip at it throughout the day.

Ensure you make time to relax.

  • Mineral Pro sunblock daily
  • Facial scrub once a week
  • Light Moisturisers eg Aquatherm or Omveda
  • Monthly Customised Facial treatments
  • Mineral Pro sunblock daily
  • Scrub or Mini peel weekly or biweekly
  • Firewall Antioxidant Serum for max benefit
  • Monthly Medi-Facials or Peels


40s - 50s & mature skin

  40s 50s+
SKIN PROCESSES  & APPEARANCE During the 40s the rate of sebum production begins to decrease; which is only beneficial for those with oily skin. Dry, sensitive skin with lowered resistance to external aggressors, such as UV light, pollution or harsh weather conditions will easily become wrinkled.

Collagen and elastin fibres begin to degenerate, facial muscles loose firmness and the plumpness of the face starts to decrease.

Meanwhile, deeper folds start to emerge in the nasal-labial area and the existing wrinkles increase in depth, length and number. Decreased microcirculation results in deficient oxygen delivery to skin cells, which in turn is responsible for thinning of the skin and sagginess.

Skin at this age is very thin. Every 10 years the skin’s thickness diminishes by about 5-6%; an individual in their 50-60s has skin twice as thin as a 25-year-old.

Sebum excretion almost ceases, thus the protective lipid barrier of the skin disappears and the skin becomes dry, flaccid and coarse.

Cell division is significantly reduced and the collagen-elastin matrix can no longer fulfil its role as the ‘skin’s supporting scaffold’; leading to deep wrinkles and folds.

Additionally, individuals may suffer from age spots and uneven pigmentation.


WHAT YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM Treatments with vitamin C, retinol and hylauronic acid are the best choices for skin care regimen in this age group, as is regular exfoliation and thick nourishing creams with SPF People in their 50s onwards should pay particular attention to sufficient skin hydration, sun protection, treating wrinkles and folds with retinol or muscle relaxing peptides (e.g. Pretox products) as well as prevention and treatment of hyperpigmented areas.

Ensure you make time to relax.

  • Mineral Pro sunblock daily
  • Dermal Needling incorporated into home care
  • Firewall Antioxidant Serum for max support
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Hl Acid
  • Combination of Clinical Dermal needling, Peels, Medi-Facials, Fotofacials, injectables
  • Mineral Pro sunblock daily
  • Deeper dermal needling at home and in salon
  • Firewall Antioxidant Serum
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Hl Acid
  • Combination of deep Clinical Dermal needling, Peels, Medi-Facials, Fotofacials, injectables

Ageing skin signs

  • Skin Thinning. The basal cell layer of the epidermis slows its rate of cell production and thins the epidermis. The dermis may become thinner. Together, these changes mean skin is more likely to crepe and wrinkle.
  • Sagging Skin. Older skin produces less elastin and collagen, which means it is more likely to sag and droop. Older skin is particularly vulnerable to the effects of gravity, for example, jowls along the jaw and bags under the eyes are simply skin that has yielded to gravity.
  • Wrinkles. Reduced elastin and collagen, and the thinning of skin, mean those ‘high traffic’ areas of the face like the eyes and mouth are especially prone to lines and wrinkles.
  • Age Spots. The remaining pigment cells melanocytes tend to increase in certain areas and cluster together, forming what’s known as age or liver spots. Areas that have been exposed to the sun, such as the backs of the hands, are particularly prone to age spots.
  • Dryness. Older skin has fewer sweat glands and oil glands. This can make the skin more prone to dryness-related conditions, such as roughness and itching.
  • Broken blood vessels. Blood vessels in older, thinner skin are more likely to break and bruise. They may also become permanently widened. This is commonly known as broken vessels.
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