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Does your skin look a little tired and dull?

Do you want to look your best on your wedding day?

Would you like to alleviate your acne or post-acne scarring?

Do you want to improve the pigmentation on your face or body?
Perhaps to minimise your sun damage?

Melbourne Facials have a range of clinical facial treatments to suit your budget and skin types. They are easy, pain-free ways to improve minor skin concerns and maintain a fresh, youthful look as you age and your skin deteriorates.


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Budget Facials Treatment Plans

  • Facial Concerns: Dryness, sun damage, blackheads, pores, ageing, acne, redness and pigmentation
  • Solution facial procedures: skin treatments designed to encourage skin renewal and support your everyday skin care maintenance
Concerns Facial Benefit Key ingredients
Wrinkles, acne, sun damage, blemishes ANTI-AGEING POWER Vitamins C, E, F
Pure, highly potent form of Vitamin A (retinol)
Dryness, dehydration, dull complexion HYDRATION BOOST Hyalaronic acid
Organic collagen
Redness, blemishes and pigmentation ANTIOXIDANT INFUSION Vitamin C
Fruits extracts
  • Time: 30 minutes per facial
  • Recovery: 0 days
  • Regular Facial price: $125
  • Current Special Facial Cost: $99 per session; OR Buy 4 + GET 1 FREE
  • Time: Full 1 hour Facial
  • Recovery: 0 days
  • Regular Facial price: $159
  • Current Special Facial Cost: $129 per session; OR Buy 4 + GET 1 FREE

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Melbourne Facial Beauty
Budget Facials Summary

A natural and effective facial treatment for targeting various skin conditions, stimulating the body's natural metabolism and encouraging facial cell renewal process. You will emerge younger - your skin visibly glowing.


Condition Schedule Cost of Facial
Wrinkles 1 monthly $125 (30 min)
$159 (60min) each
Pigmentation 1 monthly $125 (30 min) -
$159 (60min) each

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