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Red Skin Causes

Red blotchy skin is an issue that many men and women suffer with. One of the most frustrating things about the condition is that there is no single cause for this culprit.

Here are some extracts from various medical/aesthetic journals, are

  • Rosacea, is a chronic skin condition that results in an inflammation of cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and chest, due to an enlargement of blood vessels under the skin - due to lifestyle issues
  • Contact Dermatitis due to skin sensitivity and substance allergies can cause you to have red blotchy skin
  • Psoriasis, which results in red dry skin patches
  • Acne breakouts


Professional Strength Anti-Redness Formula

Medik8 Red Alert range (CLEANSER & SERUM) visibly reduces the appearance of redness and thread veins. It helps strengthen the capillary walls and skin membrane.

By using Red Alert range you help slow down the ageing process of skin, by protecting the skin from free-radical damage and effectively alleviating the negative environmental impact on the skin. Various therapeutic effects are achieved due to the unique blend of actives and the delivery system of the formulation.

Pharmaceutically graded ingredients

  • Vitamin K, enhances the blood circulation, reduces swelling and redness, reduces fragility of blood vessels and dramatically limits the creation of further damages
  • Teprenone helps with vein-wall strengthening, as well as promoting a reduction in skin erythema. Teprenone has demonstrated a reduction of erythema by 30%, after just 30 days of topical application. The combination of vitamin K and Teprenone make Red Alert a very powerful anti-redness treatment.
  • Liquorice or Licochalcone A anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidative properties protects skin against damage caused by free radical and ROS. Glabridin, one of the active ingredients in liquorice, helps to prevent UV-induced redness and inflammation when applied to the skin pre-sun exposure.
  • Bearberry, which have a strengthening and sealing effect on open vessels and thread veins.
  • Beta-Glucan, a polysaccharide derived from oats. This soothing ingredient aids skin with wound-healing and helps to combat UV-induced stress, leading to calmer skin.
  • Kiwi Oil (rich in vitamin K1) enhance blood coagulation (blood clotting at the site of capillary damage) and speeds up post-treatment healing. Kiwi Oil also contains over 60% alpha linolenic acid which helps the skin retain moisture

Additionally, Red Alert promotes powerful anti-oxidation and enhanced blood coagulation, ensuring blood clotting at the site of capillary damage.

Red Alert has been specifically designed to treat areas of redness on the body. However, the formula can be enhanced with addition of Red Alert Serum to treat more difficult areas of erythema, on either the face or body, for more dramatic results.

Directions for use

  • Apply sparingly twice daily to clean, dry skin on the legs, arms and neck. Allow to dry before applying other Medik8 Body Products and/or sunscreen.
  • If you use White Balance to tackle pigmentation, White Balance should precede Red Alert
  • Results vary depending upon individual, although expect to see improvement within 8-12 weeks. To maintain results and as a preventative measure continue to use Red Alert once daily.
  • Add Red Alert Serum as desired. Red Alert may be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with IPL, laser treatments and other vascular treatments.
  • Precautions: Contains Vitamin K. Do not use Red Alert if you are taking Warfarin or other blood-thinning medications. Follow the application with an SPF hydrator.

Tips to help control skin redness

  1. Wear a sunscreen daily. Look for non-chemical physical sunblock with calming anti-inflammatory ingredients to help soothe and control flare-ups
  2. Avoid smoking. Smoking prevents the body’s ability to provide oxygen and nutrients to skin while restricting blood vessels.
  3. Excessive intake of alcohol and certain medications. It contributes to dry skin, leaving skin more susceptible to sensitivity.
  4. Over shower, over-peel or over-scrub. The loss of existing oil is commonly caused by excessive bathing or showering, or the use of harsh soaps that dissolve the protective layer of oil.
  5. Using of dull razors can also weaken the skin’s barrier function, leaving it exposed to environmental assaults.
  6. Take note of what triggers the “red” reaction in your skin. Some foods such as artificial sweeteners or spices can bring on the flush look. Maybe its's alcohol for you? or blood pressure?
  7. Be aware of your hormones, stress levels, physical exertion, and adrenal shifts.
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