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The methods, tools and techniques you apply for any therapeutic process actually determines the ultimate results you get.

Where else can this hold true than in the case of skin care products.


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It is a wise step to devote extreme care and precaution while choosing your skin care products. To begin with, you should know what type of skin you have and select the products accordingly.

Generally, it is quite common for the regular users to be able to select a particular brand which suits their skin type better. Of course, this can happen only once you've tried several brands and waited for a certain duration to see the long term results. Or talk to professionals who tried and recommended various products.

Also do not make price the base of your decision. Just buying a product because it is cheaper can actually cost you a fortune in future.

And the last not the least you should also spend a few minutes and go through the list of ingredients on the cosmetic's label and packing.


For ultimate result Melbourne facials recommends combining
Advanced skin treatments and
Home Care products


Condition Product Cost
Acne Skeyndor Anti Acne Kit
(last for approx 2-3 months)
Vascular / Capillaries Skeyndor Aquatherm Line $94-$180
Pigmentation Indio Vitamin C serum | Medik8 C-Tetra
(3 months supply)
Fine Lines Skeyndor Eternal
(lasts for approximately 2.5-3.5 months)


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SKIN products

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