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Anti-Ageing Cell Regenerating

skeyndor Lift Vitamin-C

Vitamin C has an essential role in the slowing down of the ageing process. Its anti-free radical action protects the skin from UV rays.

Vitamin C also takes part in forming new collagen. Collagen has been used for years by cosmetic practitioner for injections to correct lines, wrinkles or scars. The  small amounts of collagen implants directly into the dermis where the body’s own collagen has been weakened by disease, trauma, atrophy or age.

Skeyndor Lift Vitamin-C line prepared with Nikkol VC-IP, a new generation vitamin C, more effective than other vitamin C derivatives in penetration and cell absorption capacity. 

Studies confirmed Nikkol VC-IP

  • up to 700% more cellular absorbtion in fibroblast
  • more collagen synthesis and inhibition that degrade collagen
  • antioxidant and anti-free radical activity necessary to protect skin against sun damage
  • conversion into pure vitamin C inside the skin cells

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Treatment Home use
Pure Vitamin-C Intense Recovery Factor
  • anti-free radicals
  • softens
  • firms


All skin types

Pure Vitamin-C Intense Recovery Factor
Price: $148 (pack of three)

Skeyndor Vitamin-C
  • Nikkol VC-IP with new C Vitamin concentrated formula is the new generation of an exceptionally efficient anti-free-radical creams to delay the ageing process of the skin.
  • Rehydrates, illuminates skin, helps it recover from the environmental damage.
  • Enhance the cell regeneration by promoting collagen synthesis & increases skin reserves of anti-oxidants.
  • Enriched with fresh kiwi cells which contain the highest count of highly-absorbable C Vitamin & A pro-vitamin.

 Shock treatment that revitalises the skin in just a few days, returning its lost radiance and firmness.

Made with 6% pure Vitamin C and natural moisturising agent. The treatment moisturises the skin leaving skin radiant and recovering its youthful appearance in just a few seconds.

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