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Long Lasting Anti-Ageing Solution

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All the cells making up the epidermis descend from a just a few hundreds super cells that produce them on a daily basis. With age and other external factors the functions of this specific group of stem cells are lost or deteriorated. That creates epidermal cells deficit and consequently diminishes ability of the skin to regenerate cells. Wrinkles, flaccid skin, lack of elasticity, blemishes, dull complexion are all the signs of premature aging.

 Special nutrients are required to look after the skin stem cells. These nutrients were found in plant stem cells. 

Mother stem cell extract Uttwiler SpĂtlauber has been extracted and encapsulated into a revolutionary delivery system. It provides nutrients for the epidermal mother cells as well as the rest of the skin tissues. The result is long-lasting rejuvenating effect that improves all aspects associated with premature skin ageing.

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Treatment Home use
Eternal MesoScience
  • anti-wrinkle
  • recovers skin's lost volume with age
  • reaffirm skin
  • skin nourishment

All skin types

Eternal Treatment with Plant stem cells
Price: $250 or 3 + 1 (Special Valid until end December)

Skeyndor aquatherm
This is a treatment program consisting of four components
  • Deep carrier Anti-wrinkle concentrate
  • Nano-liposomes plant stem cells concentrate
  • Cryogenic lifting solution
  • Polymerised creamy rebalancing mask


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