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Reduces Skin Imperfections

skeyndor acne oily skins

Large percentage of people have oily skins especially teenagers. Some adolescents manage to solve their skin problems, while others continue to have oily skins with added complications such as sebaceous secretions and acne.

The problem skin can be healed over time and with the help of good therapist and quality aesthetic care products.

Skin care products and corresponding treatments for oily, seborrheic skin with tendency developing acne should work on

  • regulating sebaceous secretion
  • clean, disinfect and renew the skin
  • refine skin's thickness
  • reduce skin imperfection 

Melbourne Facials recommends


Treatment Home use
Acne Oily Skin
  • skin exfoliation
  • renews and reduces dilated follicle
  • regenerating treatment
  • remineralising effect

Oily and mixed skins with impurities

Acne Oily Skins
PRICE $170 (VALUE $260)

Skeyndor Acne Oily Skin
This is a regulating treatment that cleans, disinfects and renews the skin, as well as protecting and regulating it to normalize excess sebaceous secretion.

Oily acneic skin treatment program based on three exclusive active ingredients:

  • 10-hydroxydecanoic Acid has important keratolytic and anti-black head properties, inhibits bacteria growth and controls excess grease preventing local inflammation. Magically reduces swelling by 77% in 24 hours
  • Ceylon Cinnamon Extract has an important inhibiting action on bacteria growth, reduces the number of blackheads and protects the skin due to its anti-free radical action
  • Arctium Majus Root (bardane) Extract contains zinc salts that have antiseptic properties. The zinc plays an important role in the enzyme actions for regenerating damaged tissues


Acne Oily Skins Balancing and Regulating treatments

Skeyndor Oily skins intensive purifying and regulating  treatment program excellent for controlling all kinds of oily and excessively seborrheic skins, and skins prone to acne.

Treatment works directly on the sebaceous gland, balancing its secretion function, while also helping to keep the skin's surface renewed so that new blackheads and impurities do not appear.

The treatment is 2 stage process

  1. Exfoliating - acidic pH antiseptic solution with Glycolic and Salicylic acids to remove blackheads and impurities.
  2. Purifying and Regenerating - solution for sebaceous secretions. Inhibits bacterial activity

Recommended to carry out 1 facial treatment session per week over a 1-2 months period, depending on the severity of the case.  Repeat sessions every 15 days or every 3 weeks, as a maintenance phase.

For remineralising affect add Cold water purifying mud mask - rich in AHA acids with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It helps to regulate skin hydration and enhances cell renewal process .


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