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STEM CELLS - skeyndor Eternal Line

In the skin, cells are constantly regenerating and synthesizing the necessary extracellular matrix elements. Our skin has a few hundred super cells (the skin's adult stem cells) that produce hundreds of thousands of skin cells on a daily basis. If the functions of stem cells are lost there is a deficit of epidermal cells, skin's ability to regenerate itself deteriorates and signs of premature ageing (wrinkles, flaccid skin, lack of elasticity, blemishes, dull complexion) begin.

Scientists have conducted intense research on stem cells of the apple tree variety, which show tremendous potential to repair damaged tissues and organs. These stem cells are capable of self-renewal. They can also transform themselves into differentiated cells.

Mother stem cell extract (from the Uttwiler SpĂtlauber apple tree, whose fruit demonstrates an exceptionally long shelf-life) has now been extracted and encapsulated into a revolutionary delivery system. The new ETERNAL LINE by Skeyndor is the most unique product available today.

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Eternal Line by Skeyndor consists of serum (oily skin), cream (dry skin) and in-clinic treatments. The line has had an exceptionally successful launch in Europe in November AND received WINNER 2008 INNOVATION AWARD.

Skeyndor Eternal is used in Melbourne Facials for Virtual MesoTherapy. The multi-layer process similar to Meso Filler with key elements of the concentrated actives include

  • Plant Origin stem cells nanoliposomes: promotes the production of epidermal stem cells and protects them against environmental stress such as UV rays
  • Jambu Extract: skin firming effect
  • Sea Fennel Extract Sapphire: strong anti free-radical activity plus detoxifying effects
  • Lavender Extract: fast and specific anti-wrinkle effect for deep wrinkles and expression lines
  • Lupine Extract: increases synthesis of collagen, firmness & elasticity, redefines oval shape of face
  • Hyaloronic Acid: lasting wrinkle filling effect
  • Organic Silicon: improves mechanical properties of the skin and increases collagen production


Skeyndor Eternal Treatment Plans

Results are evident after just one session. General recommendation is 4 to 8 sessions depending on the condition of your skin. Maintenance sessions are recommended once every 12 months.

 Other Conditions to treat

  • Softer wrinkles
  • Fewer blemishes
  • Skin glowing

Skeyndor Eternal Summary

Skeyndor Eternal treatment formulated in such way that damaged skin cells are removed and replaced by fresh, clean, healthy plant stem cells. As a result skin recovers its lost volume and is more youthful, radiant and firmer.

Condition Schedule Cost Special Price
Wrinkles 4-6 sessions; weekly $250ea  
Pigmentation 2-4 session; weekly $250ea  

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