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skeyndor Corrective Line

Inspired by aesthetic medical treatments, Skeyndor Corrective slows muscle contraction, increases the volume of the skin and fills the voids of deep wrinkles.

It also improves the architecture and cellular communication within the skin, stimulating the process of tissue regeneration which rejuvenates the skin and normalises its appearance.

Its composition is capable of overcoming the natural barrier of the skin and combines active ingredients to re-plump internal tissue, fill expression lines along with neuro-inhibiting agents and peptides to lift and firm.


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Clinical trials show results using products at home for one month :

  • Wrinkle efficacy observed in 90% of volunteers
  • Decrease by 33% to 52% in total area of wrinkles
  • Reduction of 31% to 45% in the number of wrinkles
  • Decrease by 29% up to 49% in the total length of wrinkles
  • Reduction of 28% up to 43% in the depth of wrinkes

Skeyndor Corrective is used in Melbourne Facials for Virtual MesoTherapy. The multi-layer process similar to Meso Filler with key elements of the concentrated actives include

  • Spherical Hyaluronic Acid
  • Lavandula extract
  • “Botuline-like” inhibitor
  • Skin Lifting Peptides - aka “Viper venom”
  • Internal Tissue Re-densifiers


Skeyndor Corrective Treatment Plans

Results are evident after just one session. General recommendation is 4 to 6 sessions depending on the condition of your skin. Maintenance sessions are recommended once every 12 months.

 Other Conditions to treat

  • Deep wrinkles filling effect
  • Stimulates the tissue regeneration

Skeyndor Corrective Summary

Skeyndor Corrective treatment formulated with powerful lifting, plumping and skin anti-ageing benefits.

Condition Schedule Cost Special Price
Wrinkles 4-6 sessions; weekly $250ea  
Pigmentation 2-4 session; weekly $250ea  
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