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One of the most inconvenient and distressing places
for excess hair existence on a woman is by far her
upper lip

Upper lip hair removal is an easy area for hair removal, given the small area and the low number of hair follicles involved, but it is often an urgent one, considering the dislike of most women to a hairy upper lip.

There is a number of different options available to remove facial hair including waxing, shaving, threading, electrolysis, laser etc.

Permanent methods of hair removal – laser, IPL and electrolysis – are a little more pricey initially but you save time and money in a long run and obtain freedom of a low or no maintenance upper lip. Cost of upper lip hair removal is actually a lot less than for similar treatment on other, larger body areas.

upper lip hair removal


Melbourne Facials advocating for
laser hair removal or ipl hair removal

IPL hair removal is a great way to be rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip. The procedure is safe, quick, effective and leaves the skin feeling smooth and hair free.

Upper lip IPL hair removal is actually of the most often asked for IPL hair removal procedure by women of all ages and social statuses.


IPL Lip Hair Removal Summary

Permanent hair reduction with ipl hair removal for a lip requires four to ten treatments for the initial treatment plan with yearly maintenance treatments thereafter.


Hair Removal Schedule Maintenance Cost
IPL upper Lip hair removal 4-10 sessions every 4 weeks 1 session yearly $85
  • During IPL laser hair removal conducting cool gel is often applied to the lip to help the light conduct on the skin and also to somewhat cool the area
  • Because of the small surface area of the upper lip, the procedure is really fast, so the discomfort of the procedure is really minimal
  • IPL hair removal requires several sessions to cover the cyclical growth of the hair
  • Results are noticeable after only the first session, within the first week or so, when hairs fall out. Results can last for years
  • Cost of upper lip IPL hair removal can be significantly reduced when treatment plan of 6+ sessions is purchased

Lip Hair facts

  • In girls, polycystic ovary syndrome and other hormonal disorders can cause darker, coarser hair to grow on the face, especially upper lip and chin areas
  • With hormonal changes and ageing of the skin, many facial hairs convert from the essentially invisible type (vellus hairs) which generally cover our face naturally, to thicker more obtrusive terminal hairs
  • Upper lip laser hair removal procedures are one of the quickest areas to treat because of the size of the area. However, due to the fact that upper lip hair can relate to hormonal imbalances it takes a number of sessions to treat it
  • The coarser and darker the hair on upper lip the quicker the treatment outcomes will be evident
  • Finer, lighter, thinner hairs are usually harder to treat with laser and IPL. That were IPL clinic therapist experience and IPL machine output parameters used is very important factor for success
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