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Laser Hair Removal Free Consultation


If you are not sure about which skin treatment is best for you or if you would like to know more about laser hair removal, you are welcome to book a free no obligation consultation.

At this appointment, you will be asked to complete a laser hair removal client form. You can ask questions, voice your concerns, talk about your goals and expectations of the hair removal procedure.

Consultation Summary

Our therapists are possibly Australia’s most experienced IPL Laser hair removal operators because we are the home for ipl training here. We treat and train laser ipl hair removal. Who can compete with that?

What is discussed during the consultation:

ipl hair removal Melbourne consultation
  • Your hair and skin type get assessed along with your medical history.
  • Contraindications are also discussed
  • You then receive advice on the different treatment options available and ensure that you fully understand every stage of the treatment.
  • You get a full explanation of the laser ipl hair removal procedure in a simple and easy to digest non-technical language.
  • Your consultation finishes with test patch, if therapist finds it appropriate. A laser hair removal patch test will reveal laser suitability and help diagnose the most suitable settings for your skin type. This is also an important safety measure, to ensure that there are no adverse reactions to the laser, although this is extremely rare.

We promises never to rush your treatment (unless you’re late and there’s a long queue waiting out there :) – and your therapist will spend as much time as you need to answer all your questions.

10 Questions you should have answers after consultation

  1. Therapist laser hair removal training. Make a note of the school or training center so that you can verify this info later
  2. How long laser therapists have has been performing treatments and more importantly how often (once a month of 10 each day??)
  3. How many treatments have therapist performed on patients with your skin color and/or medical issue
  4. Difference between different types of lasers and IPL
  5. Your Fitzpatrick skin type
  6. How your hair and skin combination is effective for Ipl / laser hair removal
  7. Possible side effects and possible complications that can occur during or after the laser hair removal procedure
  8. Treatment plans, frequency and number of sessions (realistic)
  9. Laser hair removal price and any possible specials
  10. Post and pre- treatment protocols including sun exposure, medication and shaving
free consult If you want to get rid of any offending hair you are a good candidate for hair removal Melbourne. Talk to us about what you would like to achieve at you comprehensive no obligation consultation.
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